Architecture Laid Bare


Video 1


What this book, Architectural Laid Bare!, is about. (7:37)

Video 2

Shades of Green

A few facts and fictions regarding the nature of “Green Architecture”. (6:56)

Video 3

Maximum Comfort in Minimum Volume

How to design a building's interior spaces so they will be comfortable and economical at the same time. (7:38)

Video 4


Making spaces more useful at less expense with such efficient furniture as shoulder-high walls, bureaubeds, and long counters. (8:30)

Video 5

Ornament the Wright Way

How to evolve simple, attractive, inexpensive ornament from the functional parts of a building as did Frank Lloyd Wright. (7:48)

Video 6

The Grandeur of Garbage, Part 1

How to reuse old building materials in new construction in ways that will be beautiful. (9:52)

Video 7

The Grandeur of Garbage, Part 2

A continuation of the previous lecture. (10:23)

Video 8

Wood in Architecture

The most important things to know about wood when using it in buildings. (8:32)

Video 9

Using Renewable Energies in Architecture

The logistics of obtaining energy from the heat of the sun, the force of the wind, and the weight of falling water. (7:28)

Video 10

The Pick of the Glitter

Incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED light bulbs: which should you use and when? (9:32)

Video 11

No More Bright Lights, Big Cities!

Why many urban businesses should turn off their lights at night. (5:05)

Video 12

No-touch or Toe-Touch Controls

Why many no-touch controls for plumbing fixtures waste more energy than they save. (6:15)

Video 13

Thicken Those Outer Walls!

How to reduce the energy a building uses by as much as 70 percent with thicker building envelopes. (8:53)